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We are a Canadian industrial design strategy, research and management firm, founded in 2016, based in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital. We focus on human centered design and help organizations define gaps and develop design solutions improving their brand experience. Our services include product / service /process and working environments (interior space) across wide range of industries. Our ultimate goal is improving our clients’ brand value in the minds and hearts of their customers, users and employees.


Hala Hawa, founder and CEO, brings extensive experience in design strategy, user research and management. Her work spans physical and digital products / services / processes and working environments. Majority of her work includes large scale innovative design projects, improving customer / user / employee brand experience, at retail and operations (physical/digital).

She typically applies mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) to her research work validating design concepts and testing usability of mobile applications and websites, where main users are government employees and the Canadian public. Past achievements include leading / managing the developing and implementing of Canada Post newly branded one-stop retail store garnering the organization three design awards: local, national and international.

She frequently gives back to the Ottawa product community, organizing relevant local professional physical and digital events, and mentoring upcoming product designers / researchers.


We specialize in providing industrial design and related project and program management services.

Industrial Design

Our industrial design services help businesses innovate, differentiate and optimize their brand and brand experience. Our work encompasses consumer and industrial products, services and processes, and extends to cover an overall experience in related working environments. We place consumers / users at the center of our work and develop design solutions to meet their needs and expectations.

We apply a holistic approach to design solutions that takes into consideration the primary factors impacting design criteria. We see design positioned at the intersection of many fields of study that typically work in silo. These include, but are not limited to, human behaviour, technology, engineering, ergonomics, commerce and the arts. Our design approach breaks down the silo barriers connecting the appropriate fields tailored for the project. This approach provides our clients with comprehensive design solutions.

Working with us you can achieve people focused design solutions that are innovative, differentiated and optimized for you and your organization.

Project Management

Our project management services help businesses optimize their design project’s resources while balancing its scope, time and cost. We identify risks and strategies to avoid them. We provide management of design project phases, from initiation, tracking and completion including closing and lessons learned. Our project management practice ensures that design projects meet scope, budget and delivery schedule.

Working with us you can rest assure that your design projects are well managed, and your business output is meeting and exceeding your client’s expectations.

Program Management

Program is “a group of related projects, subprograms, and program activities that are managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually”, as per PMI Lexicon V 3.1.
Our program management services help businesses control the outcome of multiple design projects / portfolios managed by designers from initiation to completion. We provide design teams with project leadership and mentoring. We focus on people, politics and negotiation to get the job done. Our program management practice ensures business strategies and objectives are met, and maximize design projects’ return on investment and their value delivery. We handle change management of design projects including environmental changes. We ensure corporate goals are aligned with clients’ success and help executives make timely informed decisions.

Working with us you can rest assure that your portfolio of design projects are well managed, and that your business output is meeting and exceeding your client’s expectations.


Our holistic approach to industrial design encompasses Industrial design and management of project and program that encompasses product, process and space and is:

  • People focused
  • Based on:
    • Human behaviour
    • Technology
    • Relevant environment

Industrial Design Holistic Approach Diagram

Industrial Design Process

At a high level, our end-to-end industrial design process incudes six major steps:

  1. Listen to your concerns
  2. Identify, assess, validate, and frame primary issue(s)
  3. Propose conceptual creative solution(s)
  4. Build, test, and finalize solution prototype(s)
  5. Plan and manage the solution implementation process
  6. Evaluate the solution post implementation to identify future improvement.

Industrial Design Holistic Approach Diagram

Project Management Process

At a high level, our end-to-end management process incudes the following seven major steps:

  1. Form a deep understanding of the project and its stakeholders
  2. Ensure the project charter is in line with the clients’ expectations
  3. Identify potential risks, and provide risk management strategies
  4. Establish and approve project’s timeline
  5. Manage project’s scope, time and cost, and keep stakeholders informed throughout
  6. Manage changes to scope, cost and timeline
  7. Close project and document lessons learned

Project Management Process Diagram


How can I Improve My Brand Experience?

We can help you improve your brand experience by performing one or all of the following:

  1. Identify your brand positioning in the market
  2. Map brand experience from the consumer / user point of view
  3. Identify and frame the primary gap in brand experience
  4. Scan relevant consumer / user trends and latest technological innovations
  5. Propose creative solutions to improve and further differentiate the brand experience
  6. Prototype, test and refine the final solution
  7. Finalize solution specifications
  8. Manage the solution implementation process of with supplier(s)
  9. Evaluate solution post implementation and identify future further improvements


How Can I Innovate?

We can help you manage the strategic objectives of your design projects’ portfolio(s) by applying program management knowledge, skills and techniques, and performing one or all of the following:

  1. Identify the main area your design portfolio(s) need most help in
  2. Help articulate program charter
  3. Map and manage program timeline
  4. Coach designers on their projects’ risk response strategies
  5. Manage designers and their design project’s output
  6. Manage stakeholders’ expectations
  7. Ensure strategic alignment between program’s output and client’s brand
  8. Manage and approve program changes
  9. Ensure consistent quality across design projects’ output
  10. Balance program constrains (scope, cost, time)
  11. Complete and close program
  12. Document and share lessons learned


How Can I Optimize?

We can help you optimize your product, space and process by performing one or all of the following:

  1. Perform critical analysis of your product, space or process, identify duplication, redundancy and manual tasks that could be automated
  2. Perform market study on relevant consumer / user trends and latest innovations
  3. Propose creative optimization solutions based on market study and lean thinking methods
  4. Present creative solutions at the concept stage
  5. Prototype, test and refine the final solution
  6. Finalize solution specifications
  7. Manage the solution implementation process of with supplier(s)
  8. Evaluate solution post implementation and identify future further improvements


How Can I Manage Design Project?

We can help you manage your project by performing one or all of the following:

  1. Create and approve project charter
  2. Apply the appropriate project’s management style (waterfall /agile)
  3. Map and manage critical project timeline
  4. Identify and rate project ‘s potential risks
  5. Develop project’s risk response strategy
  6. Develop project’s stakeholder communication strategy
  7. Manage project’s stakeholders’ expectations
  8. Align project’s output with management objectives
  9. Track and report project’s progress and concerns
  10. Balance project’s constrains (scope, cost, time)
  11. Ensure quality across project’s output
  12. Manage and approve changes to project’s constrains (scope, cost, time)
  13. Complete and close project
  14. Document and share project’s lessons learned


No project is too big or small for us. We can help you at any or all of our design process steps. Contact us today to find how we can help.